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The exciting 10th Anniversary Celebration of
the New York Hustle Congress!


    A dance form using and combining the creative elements of circular rotation, slotted movement, elliptical rotation, traveling movement, visual lead and follow within the rhythm and timing of the Dance.
    A competing couple consists of one (1) Leader and one (1) Follower dancer. There are no gender restrictions.
    An amateur dancer dancing with a Professional dancer in a Professional Division is considered to be a Professional couple.
    Competitors may not use any props in any division of NYC Dance Experience.
    If there are fewer than three (3) entries in any division, NYC Dance Experience reserves the right to cancel or combine that division.

  • Absolutely no private filming, video cameras or photography will be allowed at any time. This includes: Workshops, Contests, and General Dancing. No selling of video or audio tapes will be allowed without written permission or without the Video Pass of the NYC Dance Experience organizers.
    It is understood that all contestants and attendees consent to release the use of their photos, biographies and names that may appear on any television or in any videos for sale.
  • The overseer judge and NYC Dance Experience committee will have final say on all discrepancies. All questions and/or disputes should be brought to the attention of the overseer judge only and not to the individual judges or NYC Dance Experience committee. NYC Dance Experience committee does not wish to be the "heavy", so in all fairness to yourself and your fellow competitors, please adhere to these guideline. When in doubt, ask, or leave it out.
  • AMATEUR:  Any competitive dancer who has never received financial compensation for dance, whether in competition, as an instructor, or as a performer. Your choice of Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced Levels are at your own discretion and that of your coach.
  • PROFESSIONAL:  Any competitive dancer who receives money for competition, teaching, or performing.
  • JACK n JILL Contests:  These are "Just Dance" Competitions. Dancers draw for partners. No costumes, routines, aerials, lifts, or drops. All couples will share the dance floor for up to 2 minutes.
  • OPEN DANCE:  Any partner dance form including Hustle, Salsa or Swing. Costumes, lifts, drops and aerials are allowed but not required. Music supplied by the competitor. Routine shall be no longer than (3 1/2) three and one half minutes including an entrance and an exit with or without music.
  • MUSIC: The music is the sole responsibility of the contestants. All music must be on a CD. Music must be labeled with: your name, contest division, position dancing and correctly queued. Please have available a duplicate CD. (No music required for Jack & Jill competitors).
  • TIME LIMIT Each couple will be allotted three (3-1/2) minutes. No warning will be sounded at the three minute mark, so time your routine accordingly. There will be a one (1) position penalty for ending your routine less than three minutes (3), or for exceeding the three (3-1/2) minute lime. TIME LIMIT for Teams is 3-4 minutes. There will be a one (1) position penalty for ending your routine less than three (3) minutes. or for exceeding the four (4 minute limit).


1. Musicality - Dancers should lead and follow creative and freestyled rhythm changes within traditional Hustle patterns. 2. Footwork and Styling - leaders and followers should display uniqueness and creativity in their footwork and styling while dancing traditional Hustle patterns. 3. Tricks - Short routines or lead-follow tricks (Jack and Jill) are encouraged. Dancers should incorporate urban elements or other dance forms. 4. Slots - Movements should stay slotted.