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The exciting 10th Anniversary Celebration of
the New York Hustle Congress!

The New York Hustle Congress is proud to introduce New Style Hustle competitions on Saturday night, July 22, 2017 at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel. The competition music and winners will be selected by New Style Hustle Judges. Please see the Rules page for the criteria in which these contests will be judged.

The "HUSTLE" is reignited in these young club dancers around the world in this special approach to the original hustle. 
*New Style Hustle* was created by original house dancer Jeff Selby around 2010 in Brooklyn, NY. In 2011 it was founded with partner Robyn Baltzer as a brand and sub-Style of the of the original Hustle relighting the Hustle fire in a new generation of club dancers.

It is very exciting to see this new style of hustle dancing spreading around the globe! Please check out the video link below