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The exciting 11th New York Hustle Congress!

circle of love - Now Celebrating 10 years!

On Saturday evening, a popular charity event called the 'Circle of Love' will be held during the NY Hustle Congress at EPA Dance NYC, Friday evening at 10pm.

The professional leaders and followers attending the event make a circle and the dancers contribute to a cause and get to rotate in the circle and dance with the Pros.  The 'Circle of Love' is always a unique and favorite activity for two reasons, including getting a chance to dance with many of the Professional dancers, as well as helping to contribute financially and help bring awareness to an important cause! 

This year's Circle of Love will be 'Hustle for the Hounds'
a fundraiser for Ukraine's Animals 

in collaboration with the 501c3 charity, BALLROOM BARKS.sm

Please go to SUPPORT OUR FUNDRAISER to help contribute to support the event and our cause. Proceeds from the Circle of Love will go to IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). Your contributions will be tax deductable but only through the BallroomBarks website.

​About IFAW and their work with Ukrainian pets:

Many Ukrainian refugees traveled with their pets from hundreds of miles away, with little to no food or water available along their journey. They were cold, tired and scared. IFAW teamed up with veterinarian Andrew Kushnir to help. 

Being able to provide food, water, pet carriers, fresh bedding, and warm clothes to pets really made a big difference for both animals and people. Along with getting the peace of mind of a vet looking over their animals, these displaced people had a little bit less to worry about as they moved onwards to their next destination. The Circle of Love will help IFAW continue to 
make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian pets.