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New York City
Dance Experience

Enjoy the NYC Dance Experience!

The Umbrella to all NYCDE events.

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NJ Hustle Congress

January 12-15, 2024

A relative of NYCDE, The New Jersey Hustle Congress is a exciting event also  presented by Lori Brizzi, who is the premier partner dance promoter in New York City.  Start planning. Click on the arrow.

NY Hustle Congress

July 28-August 1, 2023

A great event to attend.   The  New York Hustle Congress will is held on Friday, Saturday and Monday.  Click on the read arrow for the site.

A popular charity event called the 'Circle of Love'.  Professional leaders and followers attending the event make a circle and the dancers contribute to a cause and get to rotate in the circle and dance with the Pros. 




The "NYC Dance Experience" and the "NY Hustle Congress" are presented by Ballroom and Disco Diva, Lori Brizzi, who is the premier partner dance promoter in New York City. Lori has been actively keeping hustle dancing 'Staying Alive' for over the last 20 years in the city where it was born with her "Millennium Dance Jam Parties", The "NY Hustle Congress" and recently with "Monday Night Hustle Jam" parties Monday nights at EPA Dance NYC.

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